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brow makeup

Now, lets also view some pictures and videos based on which you may decide which one would suit the best on you

Gone are those days where we carved our brows using an eyeliner pencil. I am sure this was case for our mom or grand mom. Today, we exist in a world where makeup plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Its hard to find a girl without any makeup products in her handbag / personal vanity. Brow makeup have started capturing everyone’s attention these days and the reason is because there are plenty of different brow products existing in the beauty industry. For more details about every brow product, please click

1. Pencil

brow makeup

I have used the brow makeup product – Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil in shade 03 Medium in the above picture

2. Wax

brow makeup

In the above picture, I have used the product – Sugar Cosmetics Arch Arrival Brow Definer in shade Taupe Tom

3. Pomade Jar

brow makeup

Here, I have used the product – Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in shade Granite in

4. Powder

brow makeup

For this photo, I have used the product – Nyx Cosmetics Build ‘Em Up Brow Filler Powder in shade Expresso

5. Tints

brow makeup

This is how the tinted brow looks after application. Picture source is – google

6. Marker

brow makeup

Brows are prepped up using the marker pen in this picture. Source is – google

7. Brow Gel

brow makeup

This is the last category and I have used the product – Nyx Cosmetics Control Freak Brow Gel in clear shade

Do checkout the blog which provides all brow product specifications.

I believe this blog could have helped you to figure the right brow product. Please comment your feedback which would mean the world to me so that I can produce similar makeup posts in the future.

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Disclaimer: All pictures and products shown here are my own (makeupbymummmtaj / just4fun.jannathff) except pics 5 & 6 which are from google. Do not copy any of my pictures / content without seeking my approval.


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