Giveaway TIPS & TRICKS


GIVEAWAY – We are all familiar with this term. None would say NO to free gifts and mostly because – it’s human nature. However, we should also think about the purpose of such giveaways. 



A giveaway is declared for various reasons like
*a token of gratitude
*expression of love
*building awareness about a brand
*marketing strategy
*attract more audience
*new product launches
*one who achieves a target
*need for instant fame
*collaboration purpose
*exhaust old stocks or one's nearing expiry date

Reasons For Giveaway

Giveaways are a delight to audience because everyone gets an opportunity to explore the brand. It improves interaction and creates better visibility. Most of us participate in various national & international giveaways to win free ipad, macbook, beauty/makeup products, accessories, coupons, cash vouchers and so on. Do we also think if we will win or not before participating in such giveaways? Hereby, I am sharing some Do's and Dont's with tips & tricks that you may wish to follow while participating in any giveaway.

Giveaway DO’s:

Giveaway Reality: You have to be real & genuine while participating in any contest

Be True: Try to be 100% true when you like the page or blog or the person who has announced the giveaway. Like & follow them to support consistently if their work relates to your niche in some ways

Tags: If tagging your best friends, please be honest to tag the ones you know the most & vice-versa instead of unknown people

Account Setting: Try to make your account/page public than private. It could be in Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any

Consistency: Be regular and interactive with the relevant giveaway page

Adherence To Rules: Follow all the rules mentioned in giveaway diligently

Be Sure: Try tagging people who are not – big or famous influencer pages / celebrities / artists / anyone who is considered to be non-eligible / ones who are in PR list of any brand

Giveaway Reposting: You may repost as many times you want by tagging the page owner. Spread a word about the giveaway with your friends requesting for a participation if they had missed to see it

Things To Do In Giveaway: Triple check if you have followed all the rules of giveaway before the last date

Share A Photo: If you win the giveaway, please share a picture of the goodies received tagging the page owner so that your friends and followers are aware of this good news

Giveaway DONT’s:

Refrain: Do not tag fake accounts

Don’t Be Over-Smart: Stay away from messaging the page owner to look out for your extra efforts

No Pleasing: Don’t try to please anyone. Its a matter of luck and time

No Personal Talks: You must not get personal during giveaways as they look unreal

Deletion Of Your Name: Are you to trying to impress? Don’t do it as your name will surely be deleted

No Hidden Stories: Don’t hide the facts if you had won any previous giveaways from anyone

No Compulsion: Avoid pressurizing your friends or followers to participate in the giveaway

Beware Of Customs: During huge international giveaways, don’t be surprised if you win & asked to pay custom’s duty

Limit Your Boundaries: Anything too much annoys everyone during contests. Hence, stay within your circle of limits

Don’t Unfollow After Giveaway: Do not disappoint yourself. Also, please don’t spread hatred & do not unfollow after the results are announced. There is always another second chance


Please always remember that giveaways are not the end of the world. There is more work for you to concentrate in developing yourself and your blog, if any. Hence keep working hard and results will favor you no matter how far it is. Be confident and chase your dreams. Good Luck.

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