Beauty Influencers – 20 Real Random Facts Of What Beauty & Makeup Gurus Speak

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Beauty and makeup gurus frequently say these 20 real random facts aka gyans in their social media handles. Getting repetitive is a matter of boring for the audience watching them. Improvising with a little more innovation would greatly help which also excites the viewers and their loyal fans. Lets dive in to explore these gyans and please do share your thoughts if I have missed any here. Lets get chatty.

1. Obsession

Am so obsessed with this product and have been using it for so long

2. Recommendation

I do not recommend any product to my followers until I use & feel good about it

3. DM (Direct Messaging)

I have been getting so many DM’s and my instagram page is flooded with your messages

4. Unable To Reply

I read each and every single comment of you guys from my youtube videos and its just that I couldn’t respond to all. So I hope you understand me because I love to read your replies

5. Giveaways

I wish I could do a lot more giveaways for my followers than just ONE to send across so many beauty products I have


6. Declutter

I am decluttering my vanity & please don’t feel disheartened that I am throwing away expired products which I honestly don’t want to give you guys as giveaways

7. PR / Review

This is a PR package/the brand sent me to review it but I am not going to give positive feedback alone which I would never do

8. Cleanliness

I am so clean about everything especially my hands, which I wash hundred times a day

9. MIA (Missing In Action)

Its been ages since I spoke to you guys or uploaded a new video/post. Sorry for being MIA because I had loads of things going on personally and officially

10. Thanks Message

You guys mean the world to me. I am so thankful to each n everyone of you for showing this much love and support to me throughout this journey. So stay tuned to my updates like always

11. Home / Party

I am not a party girl and I prefer to stay at home spending time with family most of the times like you have been seeing me doing

12. Earning & Expenses

All the money I earn goes mostly to pay my taxes & electricity bills (Life of a youtuber)

13. Disclosure

I have received so many PR packages and cannot wait to show you guys everything

14. Positivity

I created this youtube channel to spread happiness and there is no place for negativity from haters. So stay away if you choose to exit from here

15. Dont Judge

Please don’t judge me by what you see. I also go through all ups and downs just like a normal human being which is so hard to believe. *Real life of an influencer*

16. Coupon Codes

Am so excited to share a coupon code for my followers to avail some discounts and do remember that I don’t make any money out of it

17. Sponsorship

This is a sponsored video but I am allowed to say what I want because it’s just me and my genuinity

18. Working With Brands

I wont work with brands who do not give me the freedom to express my honest opinions and when I don’t like their products after using, it’s a NO guys because I am honest as always


19. Indian Makeup Brands

When are the Indian makeup brands going to introduce better shade ranges catering to all skin tones

20. Shade Ranges

Disappointed to see shade ranges for brown / dark skin girls

Disclaimer: All points discussed here are published on a lighter note based on my personal experience. The post is to share some kind of fun & happiness to the readers and it is not my intention to offend anyone/group in particular. Pictures

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