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Thanks for dropping in. Make sure you have enough time to read about me here.....Else, you are going to miss an introduction about the most blessed girl.

Who am I :  As a Leo, I love competing with smart & intelligent people around me & remember, I hate quitting as I am greatly passionate about SUCCESS. My name exists in 7 wonders of the world & havent you guessed it yet? Hmmmm…lemme give you a clue. A monument was built in remembrance of me, at the capital of India (not exactly though!!). If you havent guessed this yet, you aren’t as brainy as a normal Indian…LOL. Now, did you refer to the bottom of this page to hunt for my name?

Education : While I am truly enjoying to be a Chennai girl (hey – that’s where our ‘Jai Ho’ Oscar hero resides as well), I completed my pre-schooling from a convent and moved on to pursue my latter part of school education from Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School (CBSE & not the matriculation one, both run by same institution). I graduated from Women’s Christian College with an art’s degree & definitely didnt fly abroad for a MBA. Fortunately, I completed the post-graduate course in management with a first class from Pondicherry University & began my career, working for an international banking domain. Possessing a good amount of 10+ years of work experience in customer service, I decided to move my heart & soul towards social media creating a website & driving you to read this section here to get to know about me. Oh yeah – I did it!!!

Skills : On a lighter note, I am a non-certified rifler (do you have a gun, to try my skills), unprofessionally a dancer & a singer once upon a time, coffee addict and a self pranic healer. NOW – am playing with colours which has made me an aspiring makeup enthusiast in youtube & instagram. Yes, I have a channel with 2000+ subscribers with unlimited eye makeup tutorials, reviews, hauls, unboxings……..& am I missing out anything you thought about?!!

Job & Family: My dream was to become a cabin crew the moment I stepped out of my college & so did I complete diploma courses in IATA & cabin crew. As you grow up, you tend to realise that certain jobs arent meant for you & thats what happened to me as well. I moved on to enjoy being a working professional with some amazing employers like Citibank UK aka E-serve International Ltd, TCS, Siemens Information Processing Services Pvt Ltd, Matrix, US Technologies Global & in between for my own daddy’s bussiness (am always a daddy’s little girl). My dad was & is my real HERO. I hail from a close knitted family of 5, with a brother & sister – both elder to me. You got it right- I am the naughtiest. 

Travelling: We love travelling as a family & have an endless drive to visit different countries. Had travelled to various places within India which is actually a long list comprising of southern regions like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Coorg, Thekkadi with some northies like Shimla, Kulu Manali, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Binsar, Corbett & a lot more. Internationally to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong, Indonesia & almost made it up to Australia. Melbourne is calling out my name still because it is one of my favourites. Ofcourse, Cairns too. Flying in a parachute above the sea, snorkelling in an island, a ride in submarine under the sea, helicopter ride for a city tour were all the little favourites as part of my nostalgic travel memories. BLESSED ME, all praise to the Almighty.

Action To Do : Now that you have read enough about me, please dive into the pages to explore my world of eye makeup for some inspo’s through some incredible clicks. Lastly, dont forget to leave your love for this little girl’s work here. Thank you for making it till here. Let’s connect & become friends.



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